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2016, Ekolot JK05 Junior,         EUR 73.800,00 VAT incl.

Descryption of JK-05L Junior

JK 05-L is a strut supported high-wing monoplane of the composite construction based on vinyl-ester resins, reinforced by glass and carbon fibers.

Fuselage has a form of integral self-supporting structure, strengthened locally with PARABEAM. Cockpit is situated in the front of the fuselage. There are two sits in the cockpit. The width of the cockpit is 1,2m. From the technological point of view, the fuselage structure is made of two symmetrical parts and the floor board, which is glued into when both parts of the fuselage are united. The sits in the cockpit are made of composite. The canopy is made of two transparent doors made of polycarbonate, which are opened upward. Their hinges are situated along the axis of symmetry of the plane.

Structure, which connect both wings is a two dimension framework made of steel pipes. The fin is integral part of the fuselage. Three axis, landing gear with a front wheel coupled with a rudder. The main landing gear consists of two wheels with brake system mounted on legs made of composite. Optionally, the wheels are covered with composite fairings. Wings have rectangular shape with characteristic narrowing near the fuselage to improve visibility from the cockpit. The wing profile NN-1817 was used in the plane. The profile is leading edge impurity resistant, which was proved on the glider PW - 5 "SMYK".

Wings have a frame construction with a girder supported by struts. The flaperons have also frame construction, empty inside, attached to the wing with five hinges, electrically operated. The flaperon is made of carbon laminate to provide anti torque resistance and keep the flaperon relatively low (antiflutter requirements).

There are no any other systems or installations inside the wings.

Rectangular shape, standard elevator made of composite.

System of controls is based on push rods. Elevator trimmer is electrically controlled from the cockpit. In standard version, there is only one control stick in the middle of the cockpit. The plane is powered by ROTAX 912 UL engine - 80HP.

Fuel tanks capacity is 70 liters. Tanks are situated behind the sits.



Technical data of JK-05L Junior

Wing span 10,58 (m)
Wing area 10,2 (m2)
Length 5,7 (m)
Length 2,25 (m)
Base weight (with GRS) 299 (kg)
Maximum weight (with GRS) 472,5 (kg)
MTOW per LSA (with GRS) 472,5 (kg)
Cruise speed 170 (km/h)
Max. speed at horizontal flight 205 (km/h)
Never to exceed speed Vne 240 (km/h)
Stalling speed 55 (km/h)
Climb capability 6 (m/s)
Take-off run 80 (m)
Landing run 100 (m)
Engine ROTAX 912 UL
Engine power 80 (KM)
Fuel tank 70 (l)
Fuel consumption 10 (l/h)
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